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AzDGDatingPlatinum FAQ

:: Installation problems
Do you provide Free Instalation service?
When I install script in step 4 script writes "Can`t connect server ..."?
"Incorrectly defined internal server path" error?
After installation Chat doesn`t work - why?
I have upgraded from Lite and have a problem with usernames

:: Instructions
How to setup Payment system?
What is return URL for Payment systems?
How to enable SMSCoin:bank payment system?

:: License
Where can I purchase more licenses?
What is restricted in Platinum lisense?

:: Problems
I have problems with PayPal payment system
I have a problems with 2checkout Payment system
I can`t login to admin area - why?
Script writes "Script can`t be used on your domain -" error?
I can`t see new news - why?
I have problems with FAQ.
First page is loading too slow...
Problem with email sending

:: Sales questions
What`s difference between lastest version and Platinum+ package?
What additional services include to script?
How can I purchase the script?
Can I see your customers websites?
Can I request custom dating script from you with new features?
Where can I find scripts prices and order pages?
How much costs Platinum upgrade from one version to another?
How long should I wait the order confirmation?
What payment options are available?

:: Script Customization
I want to use only 3 languages: English, French and German. How can i exclude another languages?
I want to add new category and new type of user - couple. How i can do it?
I want use only USA States and Canada only
How to add, or edit ecards?
How to change agreement or remove it?
How can I install own banners?
I want to change chat to another. How can I change chat link?
How to change minimal age from 14 to 18?
I want to add some new fields into script, is it possible?
What`s TODO list and how can i add new features?
How to add new language?
How can I add own logo?
How to remove some section from page?

:: Script`s Administration
What user Status field is for?
How to change user type to Privilegied or back to Free?
What`s the Affiliate and how it works?
How can i disable user without removing?

:: Security
What are "Security Error" errors?

:: Technic Questions
What is System Requirements and Recommendations?
How many users may have AzDGDatingPlatinum?
What are differencies between all AzDGDatingPlatinum versions?
Is it possible to make upgrade from AzDGDatingLite?
How can I be sure that AzDGDatingPlatinum will work on my hosting?
Are payment systems authomatically change user status to Privilegied?

:: Templates
I want to exclude some fields from the registration page. Is it possible?
How can I create new own template?
How can I remove copyright?

:: Website Promotion
How can I promote own website?
Can you help me with website promoting?

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